Helix pomatia (Vīngliemezis)

A tender, melting in your mouth filet of a grape snail, slightly fried in oil and spices. Under the gentle garlic sauce served with a sprig of parsley and crispy French toasts and, of course, a glass of exquisite white wine!

And all this in Latvia: many people have heard about that, but few tried. Now you can order grape snails in Latvian restaurants and even buy at some stores. The innovation of our product "Conserved GRAPE SNAILS in oil" in it’s usability. You can simply open a can and have a taste of French speciality, add to a cold vegetable salad or spend quite a bit of time and spices to make this dish hot, when it opens flavor till the end and surprise your guests with new culinary sophistication.

It's important to know:
Catholic church allows to eat snails during a feast days.

A snail diet is very effective, as the meat contains three times more protein than chicken egg and do not contain fat and cholesterol. It's meat contains from 30% of amino acids, making it a strong aphrodisiac. Maybe because of it, according to legend, the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar was vey fond of this delicacy.

From 19th till 25th of September there is an annual Snail Festival in Vienna . Every cook who takes part in this festival has to offer its own special recipe containing snails. So there are a lot of recipes and every year it becomes more and more.